45th Class Reunion Survey

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1)   How many miles will you travel to attend the Soquel High 45th Class Reunion?

2)   How long will you have been married on the Reunion evening? Please list, years, months and days.

10 years, 8 months and 15 days
3)   How many biological children do you have? How many children total including adopted, step, etc.

Step Children 3
4)   How many times have you been married?

5)   Do you have any military service. If so, what branch and how many years?

Army, 10 years
6)   What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment since leaving high school?

7)   What was your favorite vacation?

8)   How old is your oldest child? Please give years, months and days as of the reunion evening.

30 years, 4 months and 3 days
9)   * What can we do to improve your enjoyment at our reunions?